Say "Good Night"
to discomforting bedding for your
skin conditions.

DermaTherapy® is cleaner, drier, smoother
bedding offering relief for those who suffer
from psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

DermaTherapy® is the only line of bedding created specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions. Designed by Precision Fabrics Group, DermaTherapy® fabrics incorporate uniquely structured fibers to effectively wick moisture away from the surface of the sheet. This revolutionary fabric science results in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface. And for those who suffer from skin conditions— the difference is remarkable.

Precision Fabrics Group is known throughout the world for developing innovative and technically advanced fabrics. And DermaTherapy® is the first of many advanced fabrics that comprise PFG’s new line of Therapeutic Bedding products. The millions of people with skin conditions will welcome DermaTherapy® as the first and only bedding fabric designed just for them.

Style 60470

DermaTherapy® is a family of fabrics designed specifically for bedding used by people who suffer from various skin problems – or for people who simply want to maintain their skin in its healthiest condition. DermaTherapy® fabrics maintain their freshness by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. They also carry a soil release finish that aids in the removal of oily stains commonly associated with skin contact. DermaTherapy® fabrics are woven of fibers which create micro-channels that draw moisture away and dry the skin more quickly than cotton bedding. These fabrics are also designed to be smooth – minimizing friction with the skin, whether they’re damp or dry. DermaTherapy® fabrics are manufactured by Precision Fabrics Group Inc., a premier supplier of highly engineered fabrics for cleanroom, medical, and home furnishings markets.

Physical Propety Value (English) Value (Metric) Test Method
Fiber Content Nylon/Polyester Blend Nylon/Polyester Blend  
Weave Plain Plain Visual
Width 112 usable inches 284.5 usable cm ASTM-D-3774
Weight 3.45 oz/yd2 116 g/m2 ASTM-D-3774
Construction     ASTM-D-3775
Warp 100 yarns per inch 39 yarns per cm  
Fill 85 yarns per inch 33.5 yarns per cm  
Thickness 0.009 inches 0.23 mm ASTM-D-1777
Air Porosity @ 125 Pa 12.6 cfm/ft2 38.5 L/dm2/min ASTM-D-735
Mean Pore Size <10 microns <10 microns ASTM-E-1294

All values are nominal. Data is represented as test results and is not to serve as a specification.
DermaTherapy is a trademark of Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Test results available upon request.
310 North Elm Street, Suite 600, Greensboro, North Carolina USA 27401 • (336) 510-8059

How It Works

We have designed multiple preventative features into the fabric to help minimize the irritation caused by debilitating skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

  • The uniquely structured fibers create thin channels that wick moisture away and dry skin more quickly.
  • Bedding made of DermaTherapy® is designed to be smooth and soft — minimizing friction with the skin, unlike cotton and poly-cotton sheets.
  • Durable antimicrobial treatment helps maintain freshness and eliminates odors on the fabric caused by germs and bacteria.

This leads to less trauma to sensitive skin and, ultimately, a more comfortable sleep.

Share Your Experience

Your feedback and comments are very important to us! Let us know what you think. Feedback from DermaTherapy users:

  • I LOVE these sheets! They have allowed me to get more rest at night. I have had Psoriasis for many years and these sheets feel great against my skin. I am so thnakful to finally find something that helps me sleep more comfortably. My skin does not tear against these sheets.
  • Thank you very much for the DermaTherapy sheets. They feel wonderful on my skin – especially the areas on my back and arms.
  • I don't itch and my skin looks a lot better.
  • No bleeding on the sheets – more sleep.


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  How it works ...

Cleaner, Drier, Smoother

A new concept in skin care, DermaTherapy fabrics are intended for use in pillow cases and bed sheets

Eliminates odors, Controls bacteria
DermaTherapy maintains freshness by eliminating odors caused by germs and bacteria
DermaTherapy is highly effective, while cotton fabrics have little or efficacy against organisms important to skin care

  % Reduction after 24 hours
  DermaTherapy 100% Cotton
Staph. aureus 99.9 % 0 %
Staph. epidermidis 99.9 % 0 %
P. aeruginosa 99.9 % 18.0%

Soil repellent - Durable to washing
Has a soil-release that aids in the removal of stains, oils to blood
Can be laundered at high temperatures
Unlike cotton sheetings, DermaTherapy is dust and lint-free
Extremely durable, whether laundered in a hospital laundry or at home -- At least twice the life of cotton fabrics

Drier: Better wicking performance
DermaTherapy fabrics are woven of yarns with unique fiber cross sections that create micro-channels to wick moisture away and quickly dry the skin

Drier: Dries very quickly

Smoother: Low friction with the skin
DermaTherapy Polyester/Cotton
DermaTherapy is designed to minimize friction with the skin, whether damp or dry. Skin slides smoothly across the sleep surface to minimize abrasion - There are no short fibers or pills to irritate skin

Summary: DermaTherapy vs. Cotton

Skin Problems
Contributing Factors
 Moisture Control Fibers wick moisture away quickly. Skin stays drier. Absorbs moisture quickly. Inhibiting evaporation and prolonging drying.
 Friction Extremely smooth sleep surface that minimizes abrasion. No short fibers. Tiny fibers protrude and can irritate sensitive skin.
 Soil Release Special finish aids release of soils and oily stains. Cotton has no treatment to enhance cleanability.
 Microorganism Growth Durable antimicrobial treatment helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Cotton bedding has no protection against these organisms.